Whose Dream?

18 Oct
Living the dream
another day in paradise?
It's not mine, but an invasive
encroachment mandated by
the bulbous gods of this fouled earth.
The cultural designers are at it again.
Even our ideals are a magician's choice.
Disingenuous moral paragons propagate
old lies dressed in new clothes but
are wolves salivating for the flank.
Scientism poses as being evidence-based
while having no trials except those
bought off by big money. If you have
another opinion, they brand you as
a conspiracy theorist or an insurrectionist.
It is easy to see that our health is not
their concern refusing that there may be
more simple solutions and cheap ones.
But that flies in the face of
the strategy of throwing trillions at the problems
the fat-cats exacerbated.
But some of their unoriginal can spend
a quarter million of pocket change
going to space - and then pontificate
from on high
while a mother in Ohio can't pay
her inflated heating bill.  
All this, & the bearded
dragon gloats and waits.

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