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Cruel and Unusual

We waited 9 hours in the ER 
waiting room. Mike was coughing violently
with reoccurring pneumonia struggling to breathe.
After admitting him, they Foley
catheterized him though he didn't need it.
Being a Saturday, the A-team wasn't there.
Not sure which alphabet we got. Seeing
Mike lives in a wheelchair & 71-years-old,
to cath him meant to negotiate a swollen
prostate, which mitigated more problems.
So they blasted through it, causing
blood clots and a bright red Foley bag.
On top of all of this, they tried to remove
the catheter, which caused a Carrie-like
scene drenching his bed in blood. But
that wasn't all. They tried putting it back
only to come short of getting it in the bladder
before inflating the tiny balloon meant to keep
it in. Thus they perforated his urethra, which
reenacted another blood-fountain event.
Poor guy. We have extra Halloween blood
for sale. Did you know that the medical
profession is the 3rd leading cause of
mortality in the USA?

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To Be Frank

For all intents and purposes,
reading, listening
and reviewing the evening
keeps the psyche crawling in crap
exhibiting the depths of human depravity.
Nothing is novel under the
sun regarding the heart of humankind,
trashing and tearing up

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The Key To Everything – Haiku

Gratitude to God
is the tuning attitude
to gain altitude
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It’s All About Cheese

Cheese: it's all about cheese.
How can a mouse get fatter than the rest?
it must be ambitious, aggressive, and active,
never veering from its dream of cheese.
even if the prize seems unobtainable
(seeing there is a vulgar cat around)
employing tactics of subterfuge
could mean the difference for
obtaining a fragrant chunk.
mice are only subsistence rodents
unwilling to pay the price
necessary to build a kingdom
infiltrating every other
so the pathway to cheese is one of
total domination like a mob
partnering with underground operatives
arranged to overtake other  
rats & cats who
take supremacy for granted
yawning complacently.

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it divides the tall grass
without a rustle.
Red shines unwinking
from its paired periscopes.
It may appear uninterested, but
don't let that trick you. Its appetite
is insatiable & you are its food. 
It will rock and roll all night
and grind you every day.
Its snap can crackle a cranium
and pop a limb from its joint.
Don't underestimate the short legs
on you in a flash,
bludgeons its prey cold
with an iron-like tail. Many
have entered a slimy morgue
rotting in a gastric juice-filled
belly, their previous thought:
 If only...
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Weapon of Mass Distraction

Who disregarded the truth,
undermining the facts?
Humanity is paying dearly for the lies of
a guilty party that is
never relenting
with perverted
ambitious to
poison all
native to a free societal

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Virginians? Haiku

A boi with a skirt
raped a 14-year-old girl
turning a blind eye
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Let’s Be Frank – Haiku

from gain-of-function hubris
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Counterintuitive – Haiku

I must remember 
right here, right now, there's no place
I would rather be
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Handle With Prayer – Haiku

The fragility 
of earthen humanity
is mortality
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