22 Sep
Airborne invaders charge the castle.
They seek to enter by the vents and ducts.
Chimera-like, they're
clothed with weaponized
suits of spiked armor.

At the first wave, the guards
push the mutants back
engaging the assailants only 
to be unequal to the task.
Lured into hand-to-hand,
the protectors become too busy
to prevent the surging barrage.
Plan B begins with the crisis units 
coming onto the scene.
These are skillful hunters
deployed when the first wave
of protection is overwhelmed 
and the rooms captured.

These soldiers possess the expertise
to track down and rub out the intruders.
The residues left behind by the terrorists
tip-off where they are hiding.

It's mortal combat but usually
the royal armed forces are triumphant,
but only if the grounds are properly
fortified in advance.

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Posted by on September 22, 2021 in Poetry


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