Nothing New

21 Sep
I've given poetry a go,
getting mixed evaluations. 
An astute literary friend told me
that my poems sucked being too blunt, 
that good poetry 
should be teasingly oblique;

is childish if it rhymes; 
unimportant to be about anything reasonable.
(a la MacLeish's Ars Poetica)

I remember paintings done by chimps
splattering colors randomly like a Pollock.
"Zim zung zang, blah blah..." I can do the
same with sounds, I suppose, naming it
Dadaist poetry; 
(nothing unique about that);

let a machine randomize
verbs, nouns, articles with conjunctions;
& let consciousness float wherever. Etc...

I'll try something innovative: rhyme
and reason, with a smidgen of signature flavor.
If it sux, it sux. LOL -- I'll start
a new genre: Suxor Poetry.

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