Global Management

01 Sep
It's my body, and I'll die if I want to.

Smoking and drinking have not yet been
outlawed though my coughing neighbor
blows three packs a day & stresses everyone's
insurance premiums and an inefficient
health care system. 

illnesses are at a pandemic proportion
all based on people being allowed
to make their own sugary choices. 

authorities try to mandate forcibly on
an experimental concoction 
that hasn't had nearly
enough trials to be vetted appropriately.
Why? Because of fear-mongering
$ interests which go far beyond
a concern for public

The nanny-state
wants to sterilize you from
having any choice but theirs. 

After all, Bill wants to see
a reduction of the human population
to a much more manageable 
number - like a billion, while
refugees are flooding the borders
who are  being covertly bused 
into our cities without being vaccinated
or even tested.
(by the very entities
blazoning the pandemic panic). 

Globalism is now
on full display, creating a problem
then mandating itself as the savior
of the world.
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