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Two fat mice had a competition to see
which one could amass the most cheese.
They each had a box to put their cheese in
by stealing it from their human cat's-paws.
One had a blue box and the other red. Both were
sneaky and evil. One mouse broke the rules much
more than the other by cutting a deal with the house cat
to let it steal as much as it wanted
without resistance. Not only that, this sly
rodent installed a secret door in the red box
of its opponent by which it could steal
cheese directly from the other.

I guess all is fair in lovemaking and cheese. Right?
But then, when the cheating rodent with the blue box
having the most cheese boastingly declared
that this cheese competition
was the most honest in mouse
history - that takes the cake.

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Posted by on August 13, 2021 in Poetry


Spin Meisters

Big heads will not sufficiently answer the big questions.
A child will guide them. Wisdom resides with the simple.
Talking heads are just that. They point to problems
and even fabricate them from whole cloth
but never present any real solutions.
Half-truths are their empire. 
They spin their news around
and round, put you in the toilet, 
and flush you down. So terrified of
the rest of the story that they
will strongarm and censor those
who dare.

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He swam the channel to find enrichment;
it was only a little over a kilometer across.
He saw the city, stores, and businesses
with opportunities for pleasure and prosperity.
He always imagined it would be easy just
to swim back to family and friends, where he began.

But one day noticed his old way had become
treacherous, overtaken by a rushing high water
roiling and boiling like a cauldron. He realized
with a sick feeling in his gut that to attempt
to swim back was certain death, also
the unruly waves had begun to sweep the big city
and businesses away so that all were fleeing--
so he looked at the flooded channel
and commenced.

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Posted by on August 12, 2021 in Poetry


Mind the Clues

The clues are plain for all to see,
reveals the seated tendency.
To inquire beyond our finite minds
remove from us the senseless blinds.

An event divides humanity
must needs bow themselves to Thee
death is conquered once for all
reversing our genetic fall.

The grandest tale ever told
more precious than a moon of gold
unlocks the gate behind the eye
to teach the willing how to fly.

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Posted by on August 10, 2021 in Poetry


Mumbo Jumbo

There is the old story
about the four blind Hindu
wise men who are describing 
an elephant.
One hugs the elephant's leg
and says it is like a tree.
Another takes hold of the trunk
and says the elephant is like a giant snake.
Another pulls on the elephant's tail
and argues that the creature is like a rope.
The last wise man slides his hand against the tusk
and says the elephant is just like a smooth spear.

So some say God is Yahweh the Holy One.
Others say God is Allah, the all-powerful.
Some worship science as if it is god.
Still, others argue god is Kali, the goddess
of destruction. Still, others deny there is
an elephant in the room at all.
The blind ones fight for their snippet as if they know
better than the rest.
They all go to great lengths--
ad infinitum, ad nauseam.
Could there be clues hidden in all of them?
Does it matter?

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Posted by on August 10, 2021 in Poetry


The Nature of Intelligence

Nature is extravagance within a framework
of minimum effective dose. Too much of anything
is poison. Too little is unnatural. A balancing process
continues perpetually, 
always moving toward synchronization.  A newly hatched
bird can locate a tree 3,000 miles away without fail.
Spermatozoa can succeed in fertilizing an egg without
taking a course in reproduction. 
DNA sequencing can detect sophisticated
coding that indicates primordial intelligence. Some
say this is accidental, 
whereas I think such reasoning is unfortunate.

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Posted by on August 8, 2021 in Poetry



20 fuchsia eyes stare from a hibiscus tree;
I look back; I notice a snow-white that strikes me
as out of place. The omnipresent uproar of Brood X resonates.
My eyes scour the tree's trunks,
trying to spot their alien goggle-eyes but find none. They are there--
undetectable visually yet occupying vibrationally.
Like so much recognized without eyes.

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Posted by on August 7, 2021 in Poetry



Rallying behind what works is the mind's flow
this morning. I got up, 
eliminated without too much effort, 
stretched my body and thoughts, and report
that all seems well. 
Too often, the focus is on what isn't working. 

There is always something in this category.
But I find that focusing on what I don't have
only seems to grow this group. 

The heart is beating to beat the band; 
the blood is pumping
life to the extremities faithfully.
The ears still pick up the drone of the cicadas
& the rustling of agitated leaves. 
The eyes can still spot a hummingbird
flitting from violet tree flowers. 

The gray-snooted dog and I are blessed.

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Posted by on August 6, 2021 in Poetry



The 17-year cicadas are busy providing the background
song for this summer. Brood X is living up to its reputation.
The tymbals are drumming their mating call. Meanwhile,
the pit bull and I take our seats (or sides) because nothing of
great significance happens without sitting first. It's not
the position of the body as much as of the heart. 

The porch is our watchtower. A squirrel overhead wails on
a branch for about 20 minutes nonstop. It sounds
melancholy as if it had lost its mate or best friend and is
quite inconsolable. The cicada sound seems to egg it on.

I sip bone broth while reading from Paul in Romans 5
while a yellowjacket investigates the rim.

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Posted by on August 5, 2021 in Poetry


Rest or Roast

See the chaos of cosmic adjustment.
Totalitarian aspirations jostle for supremacy.
Ride the flow of your breath, allowing it all.
Escape the urgency of getting on the bandwagon of either side.
Self-righteousness is a distraction that can only decentralize you.
Stop trying to save the world - instead, help one.

Relax into what already is - nonjudgmentally.
Energize yourself by refusing to waste vitality.
Dump negativity by forgiving yourself and everyone else,
unloading any angry, hateful judgments.
Come back into your childlike confidence and innate peace.
Take a break from promoting anyone else's agenda.
Interdependently communicate across the aisle.
Outreach to all no matter what their apparent stripe.
Nullify all self-judgment and the stereotyping of anyone.

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Posted by on August 4, 2021 in Poetry