Conflicts of Interest

16 Aug
Never try to address a problem
without first having a proposed
real-time solution that can satisfy
every contingency. 

I came upon two bodies who 
were in a somewhat
heated political debate. 

One was red in the face
with veins poking from their neck, 
shouting and spitting swearwords in a very
harsh manner. 

The other appeared cool, calm,
and collected, trying to answer genuinely
the rattled hothead who was rude
and unruly. 

Which one do you suppose
is more tethered to reality and fact?
Which one is probably more true
to their actual beliefs? Who appears
to be more confident? 

If a person builds a mental castle
or an empire of personal codes 
upon vacuous unworkable ideas,
it can only be spurious, at best;

Many will try
to bombastically defend their warmed-over delusions
in a way that
betrays a fundamental flaw they secretly
intuit but are trying their damnedest
to pretend isn't there.

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