13 Aug
Two fat mice had a competition to see
which one could amass the most cheese.
They each had a box to put their cheese in
by stealing it from their human cat's-paws.
One had a blue box and the other red. Both were
sneaky and evil. One mouse broke the rules much
more than the other by cutting a deal with the house cat
to let it steal as much as it wanted
without resistance. Not only that, this sly
rodent installed a secret door in the red box
of its opponent by which it could steal
cheese directly from the other.

I guess all is fair in lovemaking and cheese. Right?
But then, when the cheating rodent with the blue box
having the most cheese boastingly declared
that this cheese competition
was the most honest in mouse
history - that takes the cake.

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Posted by on August 13, 2021 in Poetry


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