11 Aug
This is a poem; it is only a poem
the muses in your area in voluntary cooperation
with the minds of thinking people
have developed a custom of lateral thinking
in the event of a cultural emergency
to inform, entertain, annoy, and perhaps
rouse the sleepy sensibilities of a few.
Consider this ship-storm: The media barons
concentrate on informing us of what we do not want.
Our minds latch on and rotate around their
often fallacious and agenda-driven narratives.
Collectively and individually, our minds have the potential
of creating or exacerbating 
whatever we give our emotional energy.

So, newshounds become chicken-littles disseminating
everything the talking heads want the masses
to parrot. After all, they are the experts. Right?
Maybe, but most are driven by the almighty
dollar and will misrepresent the facts to leverage more. Meanwhile,
the unthinking masses ride whatever panic, fad, 
bandwagon, so-called political solution, magnetic
personality that the media amplifies until, of course,
they are finished with them - and then destroy.

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Posted by on August 11, 2021 in Poetry



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