Mumbo Jumbo

10 Aug
There is the old story
about the four blind Hindu
wise men who are describing 
an elephant.
One hugs the elephant's leg
and says it is like a tree.
Another takes hold of the trunk
and says the elephant is like a giant snake.
Another pulls on the elephant's tail
and argues that the creature is like a rope.
The last wise man slides his hand against the tusk
and says the elephant is just like a smooth spear.

So some say God is Yahweh the Holy One.
Others say God is Allah, the all-powerful.
Some worship science as if it is god.
Still, others argue god is Kali, the goddess
of destruction. Still, others deny there is
an elephant in the room at all.
The blind ones fight for their snippet as if they know
better than the rest.
They all go to great lengths--
ad infinitum, ad nauseam.
Could there be clues hidden in all of them?
Does it matter?

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Posted by on August 10, 2021 in Poetry


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