Rest or Roast

04 Aug
See the chaos of cosmic adjustment.
Totalitarian aspirations jostle for supremacy.
Ride the flow of your breath, allowing it all.
Escape the urgency of getting on the bandwagon of either side.
Self-righteousness is a distraction that can only decentralize you.
Stop trying to save the world - instead, help one.

Relax into what already is - nonjudgmentally.
Energize yourself by refusing to waste vitality.
Dump negativity by forgiving yourself and everyone else,
unloading any angry, hateful judgments.
Come back into your childlike confidence and innate peace.
Take a break from promoting anyone else's agenda.
Interdependently communicate across the aisle.
Outreach to all no matter what their apparent stripe.
Nullify all self-judgment and the stereotyping of anyone.

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Posted by on August 4, 2021 in Poetry


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