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Yard Watch

Murph and me watch the squirrels
during our morning sit-down on the porch.
There is a mixed population of grays and blacks,
with chipmunks staying to themselves.

Each clan largely stays close to its own
fur. The grays are quite hierarchical and just
chose another chief to preside over rodent relations,
becoming an absolute nutter.

Tho whole rodent population can quickly see
how badly the grays are acting under senile
leadership. The blacks
won't even shake their tails at them anymore.

The crows laugh from the trees at them all
because the squirrel drama gives the crows
greater dominance over the whole backyard.

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The Bigger They Are

As Brick said, "Mendacity is a system
that we live in." How true now
with the cyber augmentations that
can compound this system infinitely?

He suggested two answers: The drink
and death. Both are solutions for
cowardice. How about asking better

How about the role of skepticism?
How about walking right up to the
monstrous mendacious system
and staring it down armed with
the integrity of a child.

A motorcycle gang member
walked into a corner store. He
was known as a bully and a brute.

A 5-year-old girl noticed him,
walked up to him and said,
"May I sing you a song?" The
chain-wearing Hell's Angel grunted,
so the little girl grinned & began:
"Jesus loves me this I know
for the Bible tells me so..."

The colossal fellow melted as his
tears flowed. The little girl
smiled and touched his hand. 

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Metabolically Screwed non-Poetry

Big business paid off scientists 
who skewed data about harmful substances.
Remember when people were told cigarettes are safe?
Look backwards 60 years.
It took several decades to expose the tobacco
magnates who funded scientists to support their 
carcinogenic product.

Consider also the lie that dietary fat is more obesigenic
than refined sugar and carbohydrate. This infernal lie is still passed
off by those who call themselves experts but refuse to take
the time to dig deeper, still clinging to the convenient dogma
they inherited. Meanwhile, 4 in 10 are now obese with 75%
of the population being insulin resistance with
prediabetes and a fatty liver - this is happening
in supposedly the most developed country in the world. 

is a far more pandemic than covid, yet old lies
still find die-hard adherents among the willfully ignorant
pseudo-scientific community who spike the science.

Woke yet?

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As Good Once as Ever Was

Our cat was named Kelly. She was
a tortoiseshell outdoor cat of the '60s
who lived on eight acres of an untamed rural
homestead. She was as wild as her environment.
She regularly fought with dogs, cats, and other vermin.

At about 14 years of age, she lost an eye. 
She was an old warrior that was hard to look
at. During her last years, her royal leadership over
her subjects seemed to wane. 
She rested during the days
basking in the sun, waiting for her final call.

One day, a cadre of chipmunks surrounded
her bedraggled reclining body.
She seemed to struggle
just to breathe. I felt sorry for her
as I saw the chippies taunt and mock
dancing around her spent frame.

I came back later. Kelly's cheeks were full,
and a sad tail-less victim was trapped under
one clawed paw. The remaining eye squinted
a feline smile at my naivety.

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Most squirrels are black where we live.

Today, while gallivanting
with Murph, one clambered up a maple tree 
ahead of us. 

It was
jet-black sporting snow-white back feet. 
Its back paws resembled tennis shoes. 

It knows it is dope by the jauntiness
with which it kicked up its heels. I imagine
the other black squirrels have made this one
a celebrity of sorts. 

The pit bull wasn't impressed and wanted it
for breakfast.

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Street Smarts

Entering a game without an exit strategy
is asking for a fool's mate. 

Painting a floor
without leaving an alternate way will corner
the painter. 

Even the most ordinary tasks
have an order and logic that puzzles
those who try them mindlessly & get caught
with their pants down. 

If a particular street
is known for a gang of hoodlums 
who waylay pedestrians,
don't go that way. 

Instead, be schooled by those
missing teeth and wallets 
or again wear the
dunce cap.

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A watching squirrel holds
vertically to the trunk of a tree with tail curling down.
It doesn't move until we are almost next to it. 

Then stealths up
into the concealing foliage but still intently
observing from its semi-hidden seat.

Murphy sees too and points her snout as if to ask
"May I spring and catch it?" She assumes
I am such a killjoy.

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The five gates have a substrate, which is
undervalued and hugely ignored. 
But what if we dig down into our bare perception?
Who is known if we are aware
of our own attention? 
If we can watch ourselves
from a third-person vantage point, who is watching?
The observed is who? 
Is there one or two into one --or more?
See how effortless it is to depreciate our real essence?
We take our existence for granted because it is.

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After 38 billion elliptical miles, I realize
the watchcare over my life is circumspect.
Like the vibrating atmosphere surrounding the hummingbird, 
it swam through yesterday before my lagging eyes.
It had no frown on its metallic blue face while it
poked the Lady Baltimore one by one.

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Face Off

The gradual discovery 

of who You truly are
is the supreme romance--

What You are beneath the molded crust
of artificial misrepresentations may
lie inert for decades. 

One day pops 
like a jack-in-the-box, 

there You are--- 
face to face with a stranger,

it dawns on you that the original 
is the real, 

and that 
you have unwittingly degraded 
into a faded simulation

of the authentic You.

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