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Lockdowns provided a pause
for the spirit-mind-body person to reset.
Modernity's insanity is
putting us out of alignment. Centering 
one-pointedly reconnects the spirit-being
disoriented by multiple screens of artificiality.
Masks that equipped with private facial anonymity
may be more healthful than mere viral shields.
Trouble always holds the roots
of an equal but usually greater benefit.

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So Says the Preacher

Gandhi didn't advocate punitive resistance, nor
did King --or Mandela. But Che did, his clothes stained
with blood. Yet, celebrity t-shirts laud him. 
Their thinking is that the ends justify the means.

The bloody mass graves of Lenin and Stalin cry out.
A movement of media intolerance was
behind the Holocaust.

History repeats itself when
we stop paying attention. Mayhem triumphs
when good people look the other way. 

Can you imagine how dangerous it was
for Bonhoeffer to rail against Hitler
over the radio? 
Or Polycarp to contradict Caesar
to his face? Their fame is more indelible
than any viral TikTok, YouTube, or whatever.

There is a time for everything under
the sun --so says the Preacher. 
Bards who water down their flow
are tepid blowhards.
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The masked marauder goes over the earth.
The poison-tipped bolts of fear and rage
discharge from its computerized combined lips.
It takes shape, shifting sideways.
It trolls us while eating our a.M. Cheerios.
Tablets and cells bore into the gray stuff.
Unawares, yanking the strings, 
there is dancing, lurching--

The tree is still there. The morning dove is oblivious
that its song should be silenced or merely be canceled
as a YouTube phenom. Screen time may denature.

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Green chai tea & sliding glass doors, taking in
the smells of summer leaves steaming in the sun.
A cornucopia of chlorophyll flavors the creator's day.
Selecting how to savor, this is it.

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Teardrop Bulbs

The golden chain-hung chandelier watches over the table.
The same we sat across while you sipped your milk coffee.
Still seeing you in that broken chair, 
though five years empty now.

The birds call, and squirrels carry on just outside
the sliding glass doors and the moss-covered porch.
We set each other at ease, though barked too

under the candle bulbs, we fought it all out
through the frustrations of surviving and dying where
you went first.

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Posted by on July 13, 2021 in Poetry


Trust, Delight, Rest — Return

Today is everything for everybody.
Return now.
Understand the precious Person
standing before you.
There's perpetually Another behind the eyes.

Decide this pivotal moment to
enfold the omniscient One who
looks back
Good is only

Rest in the knowledge that
everything regarding you
stirs the truly united Person
to benevolent action.

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Saving One

Just when all seems hopeless
enters the old account appearing current.
Salvific love has never been far away.
Understand by seeing who
swapped places with us, the secret of

regeneration - with a replaced perception of a calling
every so-called alternate narrative is merely a scenario
instigating replicated failure
generating only increased frustration
nobody can mend
saving one.

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