Do, or Do Not

31 Jul
The balcony porch overlooking the trees and golf course
provides solace for meditation for me 
and the pit bull lying next to my chair. 

I read, and the dog soaks in the fresh air and warm rays.
Then the nuisance of the electronic probe called a cell-phone
horns in on the scene. For all of the convenience they provide,
they are an infernal nuisance. Robocalls out the wazoo.
This time it's my friend again. His breathlessness communicates
that it's another life or death drama. That is his perception
of his world. He is gloating that he caught his girlfriend
offering favors on the internet, and he has the screenshots.
He snooped on her cell phone while she was asleep.

It's apparent that she is playing with several others, but
he's known this for a long time. It isn't fresh news.
He wants her and despises her at the same time.

He already knows my take on the whole issue.
So I take the opposite approach and suggest
he marry her. They seem to be made for each other.

Another morning of reading derailed by a conundrum
that isn't one.

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Posted by on July 31, 2021 in Poetry



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