Drama Kings and Queens and Everyone in Between

23 Jul
Jethro was a bull around bone china,
the racket of smashing followed him.
He never figured out how to move on,
clinging desperately to his broken experiments, 
trying to force the unfeasible to clank along.
At 35, he had had several aborted relationships
that permanently terminated with
emotional and physical mayhem.
He feared abandonment and couldn't
comprehend how his partners could so glibly
disconnect from him without
any necessary protracted drama; his addiction.
So, he felt the urge to harm them,
to pay them back for their ruthless rejection.
Like some dogs who will let you
into the house but snap at you
when you try to leave, be careful of
the Jethros and Jethrenes.

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Posted by on July 23, 2021 in Poetry


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