What’s His Name

21 Jul
There is one who took the seven divine powers
and descended to the underworld. There is one
who abandoned the glory of humankind for the greater.
The carpenter was lacerated, bruised, 
crushed, and entombed,
whose aim was to descend to the underworld. 
One calls the people to come to behold the doorway,
to mourn our collective insensibility; 
to see the completed victory over
the netherworld. He bashed down
hell's gate; blasted the prison door--
though the underworld did its utmost
to incarcerate him, the door of life defeated 
the portal of death.
He pulverized the serpentine skull of the jailer.
He set the captives free and came up again
from the depths to become the life-giving vine,
the life-giving water - The one true life--
& the highest name above all--

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