So Says the Preacher

16 Jul
Gandhi didn't advocate punitive resistance, nor
did King --or Mandela. But Che did, his clothes stained
with blood. Yet, celebrity t-shirts laud him. 
Their thinking is that the ends justify the means.

The bloody mass graves of Lenin and Stalin cry out.
A movement of media intolerance was
behind the Holocaust.

History repeats itself when
we stop paying attention. Mayhem triumphs
when good people look the other way. 

Can you imagine how dangerous it was
for Bonhoeffer to rail against Hitler
over the radio? 
Or Polycarp to contradict Caesar
to his face? Their fame is more indelible
than any viral TikTok, YouTube, or whatever.

There is a time for everything under
the sun --so says the Preacher. 
Bards who water down their flow
are tepid blowhards.
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