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Love’s Masterpiece

She softly whispers,
while the fragrance is in the air,
the touch of her fingertips 
running through his hair

She aches with a hunger,
like a lioness in heat--
drinking her sire's strength
linked, they feel complete

Fueling love's masterpiece,
an ultimate fantasy--
synchronizing each breath 
into consuming ecstasy

Their forces inflaming,
tongues of fire dance--
their cries, each other naming,
pleasures to enhance

Body to body-- swaying
smooth rhythms alternate--
the serpent-power playing,
a rising star create

The hours melt into a sweat;
give off an erotic perfume
glistening their desert wet--
groans filling the room

Up and down valleys glide,
their longing unabated--
interdependent, riding
adjusted, & conjugated

Reaching the summit together
in mutual satisfaction,
then landing --as a feather;
one unified contraction--

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Posted by on June 10, 2021 in Poetry