29 Jun
It is what it is with me affirming right now
I am who I am - none can disallow.
The audience is fickle - I don't seek their praise.
It's not worth a nickel. I'll live my own days.

It is what it is - though it's never the same,
I am who I am - I make my own game.
The moments are changing, perpetually new.
Thoughts rearranging - artistically view.

I am who I am - all according to me.
It is what it is - so I'll let it breathe
Alone, I determine whatever I see.
It is what it is. Whatever--, I'm free.

I choose my identity - Don't you agree?
The world is determined, but only by me--
It is what it is and I am who I am,
The root & the branch, and also the stem.

iambic pentameter, couplets
© 2 minutes ago, Brian Peter Hodgkinson    rhyme 

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