27 Jun
we should not allow,
or so *they* say
because an infernal law
prevents difference

and yet to rebel
with a screeching yell
is just the same
it's not a recent game

do we peculiarly fit(?)
the used mold awaits
unquestioning agreement
but what if we refuse
to falsely say the same rhyme
that *they* recite in line?

reject us they must
because the format is
our feather unclassified
causes repulsion

type and kind
we quickly find,
without investigating
without patient adjudicating

but this old earth is full
of extraordinary variety and shift
without which we cannot lift
to our appointed form

the demand to belong
to another's plan
reduced me once
to a minus-man

but wisely, let me please
God, I beg
be content to be
a misshapen peg

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Posted by on June 27, 2021 in Poetry


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