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The Art of the Poem

I poem, therefore, I am.  		  
I believe in magical thinking
because I am a poetic vibration.
All I perceive and all I am were spoken 
a part of the poetry of the One 

Creation is the poem of the Creator--
whose workmanship we call math or science.
Still, everything is poetry - 
in symmetry or asymmetry, 
and it doesn't matter to poetic matter. 

I am-- because the One is the I AM. 
--now, the One-Presence is- 
we are crafted into the One NOW. 
(you are reading this presently), 

and it's immediately yours, mine, 
ours with Creator: 
the deep spell of the One--

who spoke its flow into lions, tigers, and bears 
people, plants, and planets 
galaxies dancing their milky time with Pegasus -

Orion said to himself, 'Draw my sword.' 
in meter with the One, 
the speaking Person: 
the Poem.


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