27 May
A jade dragon by the door
the saffron full-moon stares on.

But they argue and bathe in sorrows
not mending the ragged cuts of self-pity.

"O cruel world, why have you kicked me again?"
as the fat pig wallows in its own filth and excrement.

Among them, the adversary gets a jealous sacrifice
sighing it up with tears to the sanctuary.

Thus the ritual is repeated, even sought for 
& insensibility accounts for these twisted facts.

How easily carnal fantasies disengage 
--like the companion in one ear whispering:

"For love I do this for you, only 
for you, for you my one and only." 

Yeah, right. Taste a switch & the button, 
perceive the plasticized flesh.

Like a hungry canine, the antler fetched 
jaw-clamping it in lipped teeth--

Before the altar, "Nevermore" is repeated avowedly
A figment of imagination? .. No, it continued,

Cast from heaven for conceiving beds of pain,
the chains argue aloud, but few ever learn.

The end is the finale & indeed, the inception
of the future.

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