18 May
The ancient establishment of squirrels now pretends
to be in step with the interests
of the next generation of kittens,
but only has its own nutty preservation
as its motive. 
It exists to perpetuate the same
nutcase squirrel philosophy of nut hiding. 
Many gestation ago, older squirrel politicians
fluffed up their tails up and munched on hallucinogenic seeds
pretending to still be juveniles to entertain and remind
the humans of nature.
But many were just the agents of the ancient nutter tribe.
The so-called sub-culture broke all the rodent rules,
enjoyed an excess of tree-sex and frolic
living to party like solitary tree squirrels not caring
about grounded social convention.
They were careless of the climate
of gray-squirrel debate, hate, and dissension carried on
in the military-industrial complex of
the carnivorous 13-lined ground squirrel tribe. 
Now the hippy-minded gregarious
flower-children of that era have become
the very thing they abhorred, though claiming
to have bigger and better eyes, they are as asleep as the
representatives of the 13-lined were generations ago.
The difference is that the new so-called "woke" free-squirrel
is anything but that. 
Being brainwashed to be
more fundamentalist than the white-tailed antelope squirrels--
What a pretentious fuzzy tribe
of killjoys! 
The kittens and juveniles of today are
tail-tied by those claiming to liberate them--
Let them party again.


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