On Your Marks, Get Set….

09 May
Ideas dazzled humans. 
Anecdotes propelled missiles. 
Plastic explosive stories constructed 
straw dog-monsters

Chat, and it grows. 
Preach the earmarked vision. Deluded,
with vestigial eyes. No ears to see--- 
No eyes to hear. Philosophies 
produced a viral strain of mind-mold 
scattering collateral damage:
"The outcome necessitates whatever measure."

--- Saying, "Give us your sons and daughters." 
Tanks of presumption clinked along opinionatedly, crunching 
~~~ adulating yielded skulls lined the course. 
The juggernaut goes bulldozing by 
~~~~ with canines and tongue spitting fire like venom.

Publishing, "Chop off the offending limbs!" & 
"Be at one with the cooperative!" 
When an idea became a devil ... 
spinning the head all around.

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