Take Me To Your Leader

06 May
Brain-suckers are at the base of the skull; 
alien hijacked eyes commandeered empty. 

Everywhere I go creepy-crawly stares. 
It's begun. No one seems to care. 
Crowds follow each other, lemming-like, 
--chanting, "Host IT, or die. YOU are not tolerated."

 I said to myself, 
"Maybe I'm dreaming-- maybe I'm being paranoid." 
I flipped to the airport network, zombie-heads-- 
The eyes! 

The signs are evident: cruel mouths, reptilian, slack ... 
So freaked, I turned to the sly one - aye-- 

The canned talking points were hypnotic, 
"ooo," Caught myself drifting, almost. 
Looking closer, I saw a glimpse of the scar
as one babe turned. The bald guy coughed a maggot;
I puked from the sight! Am I the only one left? 
The snatchers swing both ways, pickling the brain, 
sucking up, propagating, 
turning its host into pin-wormed poo, 
          with little corn pieces included.


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