A Tale of Two

05 May
We are now with what Dickens described; 
the best and the worst clash and collide. 
Words are being changed, thoughts rearranged, 
undermined, re-framed, and reassigned.

The vulture picks a dying culture.

Let's look at a crucial example:
"Tolerance" doesn't mean acceptance.
You can dislike something or someone
yet still tolerate them without hate.
No one can compel us to "accept,"
the opposite will be the effect. 

Mind-benders fake to be defenders
of virtue, but try to do away
with whatever fame they cannot play. 
Acting like they're our social conscience
under the pretext of saving us 
but refuse us the freedom of risk 
unless they're in control of the list. 

"Tolerance" becomes iron-handed, 
forced to comply, by shame, demanded. 
These bogus polemical spinners
act as an in-style bunch of whiners. 
Who frame "tolerance" as acceptance;
Obsequious coerced compliance. 
One's opinion now becomes a breach, 
overturning the freedom of speech
welcoming the spying thought-police.

Chicken chameleons hide in "kind," 
cautious of an authentic emotion: 

condemned by the latest conceptions
--21 century deceptions.

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