This Neo

28 Apr
this poet bard lost their language amid the drama of light
the darkness of which still flashes the words to fizzle away
until this agent is stilted
this poet bard who once sang of everything now perplexed in all he sang

yet once more, they may find the urge to kindle the fire of his tongue
the cloven flame vibrating above their head
this poet bard may yet sing the celestial hymn, its ambient intoning
of the creation of us all

he queried to unmask everything to what is--
'too minimal' she ridiculed his Dodge Colt with her BMW Z series
but to him, plainness is a wealth
and the prosperous, often dissatisfied
he kept subtracting --letting go 
he even dumped rants that were spun meaningless
Is a poet bereft of words a poet(?) this one once had zilch

this neo envisioned blind the ember about to die, yet robust
so fanning its coal orange, a tiny spark crackles the heart 
breathtakingly, wonderingly, ineffably, tremendously ALIVE

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Posted by on April 28, 2021 in Poetry



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