How True

26 Apr
can I swallow my Vienna sausages
when Heinz is on my Hormel(?) or
a pasteurized prepared cheese product
Kraftworks my fat American ass(?)
can I Pepsi Max the night wide eying
when Reese's melts my dark
chocolate miniatures(?)
Pringles said I could, but
only Philly cheesesteak will salt me,
of course, I am an insomniac
another 3 in the morning daze
with an upside-down gaze,
watching starving limbs 
of Victoria-Secret whims 
they're flaunting satin slips,
swaying narcotic hips,
another Bud lite cracks--
a bouncy mechanical doll jests
a Maybelline advert intervenes 
how true, cries the clown
--we lust through machines

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Posted by on April 26, 2021 in Poetry


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