26 Apr
The mind asked
the hands
--what are you writing?
but the hands simply
kept on typing,

the hands thought to themselves 
--if we stop, the screen 
merely remains empty,

so the distracted mind
overlooked the hands 
as they continued clicking away--

their intention was, 
--if we just carry on pressing the keys, even
though the mind shuffles behind,
something may begin to form

the eyes observed the hands
with quiet disapproval 
for they saw
nothing but child's play,
but didn't want to
discourage the hands
letting random-looking
stuff to come forth

then the hands begged
both the eyes and the mind, 
stretch your combined weight
behind us,
or else
might be required

there was a slight pause--

then the hands began writing

--the poetic eye sees
beyond the flat scene,
and creates a new means of perceiving
from what is, what was,
and will be--

the eyes and the mind understood
why the hands furiously tapped keys,
and were amused

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Posted by on April 26, 2021 in Poetry



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