Negativity Calls – Ignore It

26 Apr
did you ever contemplate
heatwaves dancing on a horizon(?)
isn't it tremendous that empty can seem full(?) 
a firm capture, but much more
flows through a distracted imagination,
turbulent, but TNT -- here goes---

boom shack-a-lack a - flitter, flutter, fuzz--
to eliminate rubbish and open my reception
for the perception of a maple tree
blends harmony with beauty, gorgeous
ooh-la-la --dada my God, how(?) 
aw-- it's just awe

the nurse can digest prisms to become
a whirl, a dance, a sway, untied
springing into her Pleiades
she, who knew my irons
which hung her orange curly head 
dejected, but now 

one thrilled
at thirteen, lounging in the Canadian's dome car
feasting on what could not be 
wholly absorbed of the creative desire from
trees, a lake, a mountain, a smile
--glow, gleam, rise up, my sparks
into her fiery seraphic flames--
but all too early
negativity calls--
ignore it

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Posted by on April 26, 2021 in Poetry



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