Tiger Food

25 Apr
two Bengal tigers were known to terrorize a village
they were notorious for killing goats, cows, and even people
Tigers are known for having a taste for humans

a sadhu holy man was passing through and heard the stories
being a pacifist and a vegetarian, he convinced the village elders
not to hunt the tigers --he would have a holy conversation with them
to persuade them to leave the village alone --the elders agreed

the holy man walked into the jungle-like areas where the tigers lived
after a few hours, he heard a growl behind him; they were hunting him
he tried to keep his nerve and turned, shouting Sanskrit to them
their shining eyes told him they were happy about the meal
even though he would be a stringy snack from much fasting

so the sadhu ran and could feel the breath of one of them on his back
just before leaping off a tall cliff
as he was dropping, he reached out a hand and managed to grab a vine
breaking his fall --he hung there dangling, suspended halfway down
he looked up and saw the tiger that chased him, salivating above
he looked down and saw its mate waiting below for a future meal

the vine wasn't very thick
some mice came out of holes and began nibbling the vine
it began snapping, giving way

he noticed a beautiful strawberry bush growing out of the cliff side
he picked a big juicy one and put it in his mouth
it was the sweetest he ever tasted




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