22 Apr
the inner sanctum where
the Shadow laughs insanely,
and sinister plots 
a beer in hand
amid sundry items, all strewn
sits staring at 
salt embossed black suede shoes,
a dust-velveted cluttered desk 
-a copy of Introduction to Aristotle
-a paperback of Seasons in the Sun 
-a crinkled half-empty bag of Red Hots 
-a dirty mouse-pad
-a finger-tortured mouse
-a carved ebony rhino missing a leg
-a plaque saying, 
   whoever believes
   will not act in a hurry, but slowly
*which advice is ignored
      but occasionally obeyed
-a lovely blue can of Labatt Blue (in use)
-and of course, machine enhancements
(top secret like the bat-cave)- 
let's not forget:
-a ship's helm hung
-an ostrich egg shell 
-guarded by a scary African mask
in short, the origin
of my florilegium
--my office, 
--my home, 
--my bedroom, 
--my cell
in serious need
of a cleaning

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Posted by on April 22, 2021 in Poetry



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