Last Night Was a Full Moon

15 Apr
you said not to write about you again
but how can I not sing of earthquakes
or a tornado as it roots up a home(?)
shouldn't I give lyrics
to a quivering heart torn from its place(?)
or the howl of a werewolf bereaved of food(?)
can I be silent as the rough stake impales
through bone, sinew, and muscle(?)
or dumb in the face of the cruel play
a cat, who bites off parts of the mouse
before the kill(?)  no, I do not write
of you, for I really don't know who you are
I was possessed by the person you appeared to be--
as the widow is entertaining to the male
before he becomes her next meal, you shine
using the sham of weakness - so I write not
of you I once admired, but whom you
chose to reveal, for how shall I not
recount my fall into the pit
of an expert manipulator
who thinks it's
all about

but I still howl for you on full moons

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Posted by on April 15, 2021 in Poetry


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