14 Apr
raven hair flips airily across
a face with gray-green eyes
they tell a story of hardship & loss,
aged early from tearful cries

your beauty calls me with your pain
I ache for your touch to share
your every feature, a mystic chain
with a hidden longing, stare

even Eros can not report your image,
he would consume the world in flame
beyond a merely physical appearance,
you put vulgar schemes to shame

our expansive minds danced together once
our willing hearts embraced
love understood, a spiritual substance,
we echoed a discreet kiss

but this unyielding world would not contain,
the connection our souls would birth
my heart is pierced with a tear's stain,
invaluable as our memory's worth

but if our ships appear on the open seas
and throw anchor to dock as one
my tongue will be loosed, from shackles freed
to say that love has won

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Posted by on April 14, 2021 in Poetry


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