Excuse Me

13 Apr
magnum 48 downed but
—hasn't always been this way, 
once knew a thing, or two (three ?) 
but can't clearly see of it 
eye's bloodshot heavy-lidded 
I reverse jog to mucky mindedness 
that's bending asinine 
from attending the belly spot 
of tissue hand wiped 
regular with my gibberish yuk 
a seeming deliberate word
a genius fastened blown apart 
into fragments of my tic-tac self  
& examined decrepitude, 

I indeed flip the cause... 
liking the loggerhead
ramble, weave two steps 
to a pool of mystic nothingness 
(unknowing) flits the barren bowl  
my mind made, though I mix 
anything to flush offensive debris
odors like stale cheese 
I'm down & enjoy a laugh, 
or two thinking 
of some buried significance, 
or another two, 
when what appears
I mutter a lame 'excuse me,'
for what's cramping thru 
the pot's hole

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