Bury Me in Mine

13 Apr
tired jeans crumpled on the floor
simple in thread-bare wrinkles
fading blue an old man's mind
washed-up rebel forgot the cause
the rut of a conformed statement
cloned working-class uniform,
but just culture to put on
bagged fit, absorb the whole body
soften the pretentious air,
or relaxed fakes out the fat
or tight to bulb the bubbles
or straight to band the boots
or belled to familiar a freedom
of hair and a movement
some low-cut swank the crack
came out, those low hip huggers
droop down their derrieres,
yes, in the '70s
but amazed how history
in the USA could be
recorded in a pair
of pants? .. many are
and just need a toss

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Posted by on April 13, 2021 in Poetry


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