What’s My Name?

11 Apr
it's all in a name
their name to you was simply; bag-lady lying in the sidewalk
she's face down in the hot sun
people avoid, walk around her 
pretending she isn't there
her name to you is; just another poor person
lying on the street
she mumbles in pain, asking for help
she's burning up with fever
her deep-down name to you; better die quick
because -
I'm tired of looking at you(!)
humanity is too undeserving, messy
your name is; instead, I'll support the APL
thousands pass by saying
ug, another defecating on the street druggy
nothing I can do
I don't have any loose change in my pocket 
but I really hate to see such suffering, really
it's just too late for her
I can't help
too far gone...
she's probably a damn drunk...
or strung out on meth
their own damned fault...
maybe I'll help her tomorrow...
right now, I'm late for an appointment...
after all, why don't the authorities do something(?)...
my taxes should be taking care of this...
or what about that stimulus package(?)
the government will help...
your name is; I really hate all these poor people...
f*king damned beggars...
probably just panhandling...
your name flashes; excuses...excuses...excuses..., most continue on by ---
walking on the other side
after all, the bum looks closer to death
your name becomes; guilty because I just don't care
insects are eating her alive
gangrene is eating her too
a maggot feast...stinking...lying alone
hundreds walk by daily - thousands - millions---
but it was another good day of business $$$
stock markets booming
she moans louder ---
her eyes roll up
her name is; dead because of indifference
What's my name(?)

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