Melodrama of Attention

10 Apr
once a shallow lad from the city
fell in love with a physical beauty
who him, couldn't see
for her lovers -- many
who vied for her eyes incessantly

though he declared his undying love
she savored giving him the shove
pretending she was pleased
aware that she teased
then scorned him with a cold shoulder snub 

but he was a wild, determined lad
so increased his efforts a tad
he allowed desperation--
to foment perspiration
for he said in his mind, --she is mad 

she's the one and only for me: 
one day, she'll undoubtedly be--
all mine, just mine
all mine, just mine,
his attentions were turning scary

this is an all too familiar story 
repeated millions of times throughout history, 
using another scale 
it's a pretty comic tale
that shows the mating game is a whimsy

it can be melodrama of attention
even the guy enjoys the rejection 
he thinks it makes him feel, 
fully human and real
but he's only in love with his midsection

the beauty also loves to spurn
to tempt all her fans to burn 
she thinks it's how to feel--
like she's a big deal
knowing the feeling of her power to spurn

but the aim of the game is to feel,
and for this feeling, some would even steal
but it's better to be single 
than the prisoner of a tingle
but essential to genuinely feel

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