Good Trees

03 Apr
Waikiki beach, near the Pacific's roar
spear fished the inky night but close to shore
for now and then, a warning shout of shark
we scrambled back to sand with trembling heart

before the scare, our bags were full of fish
we planned to fabricate a wooden dish
from dry wood, we found washed up on the beach
a fire, lit, with Hawaiians there to teach

our friends used old coconuts for their husks
used as fuel, a fire quickly develops
cleaned fish were laid across the driftwood plates
which the coconut-husk fire made hot plates

frying fish odors scent the ocean air
thirsty now, but forgot to bring the beer
our teachers show us how coconut is drained
with a proper smack, its juice pours out like rain

the fish and water taste like paradise
sitting near the fire with contented smiles
our hosts tell us the island is alive
and how they use the palm trees to provide

it gives medicine, food, fuel, and pleasure
Polynesians prize palms as their treasure 
coconut water hydrates human blood
it can be injected straight as fluid

today is the Friday that is called good
it reminds me of a tree giving food
like the palm, it also cleanses the blood
it is the tree that gave us our Savior

© Brian Hodgkinson Jr. (aka) Limericist 2007/2021
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