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Child’s Play

guiltily, guiltily, think
the thoughts are soon what stink
the mind is like
a rusty trike
with pedals out of sync

victory, victory, now
there isn't a method how
the present is
the place we live
what's now we must allow

this subtle trickery lie
to think we must comply
the truth is one
the nose will run
a lie we must defy

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Posted by on April 30, 2021 in Poetry


The Boy on the Shore

in the evening
the boy on the shore
frightened by the sight
of the swells, looming, ugly
by the thousand giants menacing
calling to the abyss
rose and dove like Hades
in choreographed desolation

in the swirling height,
the monstrous face
of the approaching night,
its madcap bellow
commanded the behemoths below,
in sync with the deep
heaving with spite,
its grotesque visage
snarling with glee

in the a.m, strolled
the weed-strewn beach
slow-rolling mountains
danced a blue peace
and sang the mist
shiny pods lie glittering
on the fish-smelling sand
lifted from the beast
polished and painted sparkling,
the boy smiled at each


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Posted by on April 29, 2021 in Poetry


I Became Certain

the sea was orange upside down;
a scaled blue bulldog stood on top of it

smirking its fish-faced Cheshire teeth
and my friend, Mary, walking it, looked plastic--

so I asked her, why do you
look like a mannequin(?)
she stared blankly

but everything else looked normal, 
even the tree roots waved
in purple cotton candy clouds,

and the winding river was the usual dark green 
dodging to the left through the littered 
box-store clearance aisle

where I could float and shop for chotskies
cuckoo clocks, and puke-colored sweat-shop dishware 
while I sailed my dingy white dinghy 

so punctured, I feared could sink at any time
searching for a trinket
yes --you know the feeling - browsing
for who-knows-what -- but wanting something
nonetheless, and knew I wasn't finished
(but had to go real bad & oh, it burned)

and thought it will just be okay; I'll just go 
--in the river because
(no one would notice  --a secret) 

-but I pushed, but something corked it
 I was so frustrated - I knew I was awake,
 but couldn't feel my tool - oh my--
the shock --it was numb, like, it's not there
and I said to myself, it must be time
to wake up - but aren't I already awake(?) 

so I pushed harder but felt clamped off, 
therefore, called myself to WAKE UP thinking 
maybe, just maybe - I was dreaming, 
but how could that be(?) 

the scene 
was far too real .. yes, even the dog 
still grinning through the sea fog, 
oh so correctly,

and I said, COME ON --it's time now
or am I (?? ..) did I croak(?) 
am I helpless to get back(?) 
did I translate(?) then dread shouted, 

and I began to reenter like an astronaut
riding a flying brick,
and wasn't sure I could hold 
my breath long enough to get
back to the surface-- 
as the cobwebs cleared, I became certain
I wet the bed


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How True

can I swallow my Vienna sausages
when Heinz is on my Hormel(?) or
a pasteurized prepared cheese product
Kraftworks my fat American ass(?)
can I Pepsi Max the night wide eying
when Reese's melts my dark
chocolate miniatures(?)
Pringles said I could, but
only Philly cheesesteak will salt me,
of course, I am an insomniac
another 3 in the morning daze
with an upside-down gaze,
watching starving limbs 
of Victoria-Secret whims 
they're flaunting satin slips,
swaying narcotic hips,
another Bud lite cracks--
a bouncy mechanical doll jests
a Maybelline advert intervenes 
how true, cries the clown
--we lust through machines

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Posted by on April 26, 2021 in Poetry



to midnight
and today I thought about
what was, what is, what should be
and why I want to grasp why 

a cold insanity
like blood extracted from a needle-pricked vein
bleeding out a pint less than what's required
to achieve the general behavior

while the audience screams for more and more

--distance sinks the swimmer

--velocity kills the driver

--heart attacks from the deadlines of task-masters 

--the merciless hammering of the punch-drunk boxer

who desperately needed a TKO without
discerning the mashing scramble
of brain bashed repeatedly by
the pronouncement of

--you are a loser, and that's all--

--or the writer who was told by
a mother that they would
never write well, with the words

--you'll never measure up--

you do not rate
that elusive place
of rest

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Posted by on April 24, 2021 in Poetry


Dancing With the Stars

a thousand suns in a galaxy of green
twinkled brazenly without any need to seem

there they were, looking up, being at rest
like hungry baby birds in a spacious grassy nest

it took a thousand steps to see a thousand stars
grabbed my eyeballs into theirs and dumped my cares

my forays into space have left me with some scars
it only took a thousand gaits to be dancing with the stars

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The Child’s Eyes

I am a dreamer. 
I am indeed 
said Gandhi, I agree  

there I go again, I
float another one, 
cloudy skies low-hung
I go among

nimbus shaping things,
flung out in smoky rings
open-country offspring
on the puff, they zing

suspend aloft, nebulous
they are calm, lazy elephants
dissolving into ash,
like floating trash

it happens when I forget
to capture them 'fore they flit 
past the child's eyes inside, 
it's how they die

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Killing Field

the days shorten as dark umbra extend, 
foretelling the struggle of a bitter end

summer waning wearing away, 
Halloween ghouls come out to play

molting trees shedding crimson leaves, 
cornstalk scarecrows are perches for thieves

crushed pumpkins cover a killing field, 
blood-stained Earth must be healed

fleeing fowl flit their feathered escape
ahead of the north wind's howling gape

Grim knifing with its icy claws
entombs with rock-candy all that was

a blanketing tent of suffocating clouds
with darkening screens of snow enshrouds

Earth is terminal these last brief days
longing for the sun with its cheering rays

though health seems hopeless, hoping keep,
for Earth will rouse from its restless sleep

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Posted by on April 23, 2021 in Poetry


A Pirate’s Booty

she was possessed of
a pirate's booty
many an old sea salt set sail
to search the channels of her charms
the blade of her beauty
skinned men to their last request
pleading the mercy of her boons
the most exquisite high sea treasure
was reflected by her moonlit eyes
driving many to shipwreck, yet
the poor devils now smile eternally
like ol' Jolly Roger
I was among them~
an impetuous lad who dared
scale her bluffs 
and open her chest
to part her mountains for my bed
and though I sank there,
I lived

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Posted by on April 20, 2021 in Poetry


A Conversation with the Moon

Hung high in the sky May 14th
a sliver of silver, my crescent lamp--
dropped her at the airport
for an early flight, and tried to drive back
under it and listen, but it followed ahead 
always there, nothing said, but the arc
& the sky conversed a rosy lavender--
but simply to me, though welcome to all,
meditations for me to prepare for
the breakthrough of the more distinguished 
one - and luna said, 
it was coming

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Posted by on April 19, 2021 in Poetry