26 Mar

Remember the 60's?
the 20-year cold-war fatigue
and Lennon sang, 'back in the...' where?
and everyone grew their hair
and everyone else was 'square,'
and Woodstock was the right to 'bare,'

that was 50 years in the past
their teachings didn't last,
the world is going insane
trying to make everyone the same
& now the hippies sport a cane

soon, the net gets everyone typecast
tracked with stereotypical abstracts
compliance is demanded
sameness is heavy-handed
indoctrinating their conclusions
self-righteous in their exclusions

No chance for ideological reconciling
because with hate, they're unsmiling
but have they known themself?
trying to force everyone else
on the shelf?

traveling through countless changes
all falls apart --then rearranges
we reevaluate our positions,
testing our assumptions
producing green adoptions,
accommodating to conditions
no one knows
how expansive the range is



© Brian Hodgkinson Jr. (aka) Limericist 2021
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Posted by on March 26, 2021 in Poetry


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