Juneau’s camp of the misguided

24 Mar

epiphanies pinwheel translucent
overtaxing the lenient mind
accelerating the Midas crime
when skywaves ion forth a rhyme
one tier, a tear at a time,

far-flung in 747 four-four time
so lets all bug the jig Hibernian
a catalyst of perception
for the pharmacology of the limey lemon;

a Cesar wasn’t cut from bony spavin,
then, osteoporosis would lightning-strike an Olympian
this Pandora is congenital from our primordial slime
to unblouse a peace-signing vegetarian
who mimics an austere agrarian
in honor of her ladyship,
august Queen Maeglyn

in kind,
the Limericist has thus provided
a microscopy undivided
with a summarization undecided
whenever no tags coincided
here in Juneau’s camp of the misguided

(totally, because Marines fancy spam
soup, biscuits, stew, and ham,
concocted from pork—)





© Brian Hodgkinson Jr. (aka) –Limericist 2007/2021

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Posted by on March 24, 2021 in Poetry



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