Genesis Season

21 Mar

This genesis season brought green back in style.
The cut-grass aroma rides with lilting breezes,
While rainy-day gray hints at an orange smile.
And the lyric rose robin and chickadee teases.
For the transition to a blazing gold summer,
Roasting weather makes all work a bummer.
While volatile plans cause dizzy sun-fever,
And ray-bathing people forget how to cover.

Carrying waxy pollen, the bumblebee drones.
And hysterical crows cuss, lewd rasping tones.
Adding treble to bass, whirring dragonfly wings,
At a hopping sparrow, the hunting cat springs
Dirty-faced kids sink hands into mud sponge
Wary frogs jump too quick; a girl makes a lunge
Tin pail on the shore full of jumping frog grunge,
Splash. A freckle-faced boy goes down for a plunge.

New roller coasters and ballparks, the crowds attract.
Flaming weenies and marshmallows burned on a stick.
Fat luscious watermelons are quickly attacked.
Kids practice the famed spitting-the-seed trick.
Now summer is upon us; string bikinis are here
Prowling boys butts hang out of cheeky underwear.
Plump girls shorts showing off pot-bellies without fear
And cotton-candy faces, play hacky-sack at a fair.




© –Limericist 2010

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Posted by on March 21, 2021 in Poetry



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