17 Mar

I heard
   ‘when it’s good, it’s very good
   but when it’s bad, it’s horrid,’

which is the authenticity of the experience
isn’t the sunny blue sky like God’s smile
because of the dark frowns of yesterday(?)

don’t you think it’s also true
that the range of our moods
expose the vastness of our creativity(?)

the question then is, how shall we cope
through all the varying weather conditions
of our souls(?)

maybe, we have the need to accept our changes
those diverse emotional environments
without allowing each fluctuation
to completely color our world(?)
knowing that, ‘This too will pass,’
just another episode,
another blip on the radar screen
is it meaningless -?
no, but not entirely defining either

because we are a continuous mixture of
highs and lows –light and darkness
struggle and rest –questions and answers
problems and solutions –faith and doubt

bitterest winter  –mellowest summer

all within the womb of possibility together
highlighting the saying of a friend
who recently said
‘relationships are difficult
great ones are usually the most difficult,’

therefore, there remains for us to answer-
are we willing to face difficulties together(?)

one day at a time –we must count the cost
–or venture the volatile seas ahead without
a ship, worthy of the voyage

as Noah of old, we observe that
floods will tower to consume us,
white squalls will come as perfect storms
to annihilate us,

but together,
we can build a reliable
lifeboat to rise above



© –Limericist 2008

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