A Nymph’s Tail

14 Mar

On the isle of Ogygia,
the nymph Calypso reigned
where violets blanket the verdant plains
& fountains flow with sparkling waters

Calypso’s magnetism
transcended what any mortal could dream,
the daughter of Atlas held Ulysses prisoner
ravishing him for seven years
in nightly orgies

her kaleidoscopic beauty
inebriated him submissive,
but the night after night
of bacchanalian carousing
became a drudge,
until he longed
to escape her bewitchment

He became discontent
in her artificial utopia,
yet many have risked
everything & gone to watery graves
trying to reach it.

the morose goddess faded away
from a broken heart,
she could no longer deceive Ulysses

she confused love with coercion
an error that makes
even the choicest satisfaction,
a bore.



© –Limericist 2010

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Posted by on March 14, 2021 in Poetry



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