The Ride Home

14 Mar

maelstrom sky correlates to water
fomenting monumental ocean rage
lifts to the brink of heaven,
slicing down toward a yawning
swirling hole

navigation is futile now, gone awry
step outside to assess,
the water explodes onto the deck,
almost washing me out to sea
slaps me off my feet,
o, I don’t want to be

send up flares, call SOS
all voiceless by the sea’s fury
so alone, helpless, seasick
tears, wishing to go home

my craft disintegrates under me
all control is gone
at the mercy of the sea

the whirlpool is like the rotor ride
I’m sticking to the inside
going in circles
going around and down
into the deep

I return the embrace,
no chaos, no symmetry,
no sense of purpose
down is becoming up,
inside out, and up,
seems down

leaning into it with a smile
I’m doing the last ride, doing it
wondering how long I’ll be conscious
dimming as I descend,
all of a sudden, flares–
on the upside.


© –Limericist 2008

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Posted by on March 14, 2021 in Poetry



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