Spring Dance

13 Mar

sliding steps, bodies dance
entwining, kissing –awake
creative stresses are releasing
intimately sharing –we take
swaying in and out (gently, slowly)
teasing, whispering –flowing
enjoying tenderness –surfacing
spiritually in tune –we’re casting
being ourselves actuating
chakras stimulating
surrendering to our desire
losing control to the fire
we are beginning to boil
our bodies, slick as oil
kundalini springs to coil
the power grid of love
yet harmless as a dove
both stoking to emanate
the dance of ‘give and take,’
climax? not yet –(idle down)
need more twirling around
we work the electric slide
undulating as one, we ride
novel rhythms free our feet,
sensual hands smoothing,
loosened hips swiveling
bobbing to the beat,
turning up the heat
until the dance is
all there is



© –Limericist 2007

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