12 Mar

there’s a time to walk
past twisting paths,
with sharp turns to the left–
give thanks.

a time
when steep ways slither
slippery with jagged jutting worries–
give thanks

when dark trees crowd out the light
of everything familiar until–
give thanks

when hiking partners decide
to turn back, leaving one to
hazard the journey, alone–
give thanks

when the music
is known only to the inhabitant
of a heaving chest–
give thanks

when no turkey sits in the oven
to be basted, and the feasting
is on the silence of meandering
give thanks

give thanks
because of being, just simply because
you’re a changing process to be

the song never remains
the same
but thankfulness is
always its own

& choosing to be thankful
through laughter or tears
is always
a self-defining



© –Limericist 2007

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