11 Mar

Maybe I should be worrying
because the pieces never fit
Perhaps I should be hurrying
because it’s wrong to think and sit

But I suppose, to stop and think
is more crucial than to shrink,
for that is what I’d surely do
without the times when I withdrew.

Bills line up in a row
without the means to pay.
Should I allow my inner glow
to lose the light of day?

Is life just a chance to earn,
and time alone just money?
Because if that indeed is so,
I surely missed the honey.

When I, at last, return to dust
and leave this world of fading lust;
will there, then, be time to learn,
or my meaning to discern?

I have come to this conclusion
amid much that’s nothing but delusion:
Our fast-paced culture
feeds on our spirit like a vulture.

© –Limericist 2008 & NOW

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Posted by on March 11, 2021 in Poetry



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