Midnight at the Minimart

11 Mar
A kind of enthralled insanity
entered the Circle-K to get a beer, 
a forty-eight, and there she was:
a sensual flower arrangement
the eloquent reality of her shape
my out of sync sexuality 
overtook me into staring with a numb
      she smiled at me.
frustrating with unrealized
intangible rewards that stirred
my praise of the creator who
created my indomitable libido
that I experienced 
      in thirsty Paris,
      lonely Los Angeles 
      and mystical Bombay,
but this sweetheart, with her undulating
machine, well oiled and smooth
            strutting her poetry that burned
into my impatient lamp post
was a well-integrated implication
      of my unrealized hopes.

      Time for a beer.

© –Limericist 2007

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Posted by on March 11, 2021 in Poetry



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